When greed meets genius

true crimes


Gripping true-crime stories of criminal masterminds from Germany, who are responsible for the most spectacular business and economic crimes of recent years.

Their unbelievable stories prove that “sometimes truth is better than fiction...


The protagonists actions are dominated by their uncontrollable narcissism.  It is the main, often tragic,  driver behind their crazy stories of greed, deceit, tragedy, escape, fear - driven to extremes. 

Flamboyant, unbelievable and fascinating to watch!


Picture a mix between “Ikarus”, “Tinder Swindler”, “MacAfee” and “the Wirecard Scandal”.



Each country has its very specific and individual criminal masterminds. The germans for example are known for meticulous and strategic planning far in advance.

One particular feature though is an international trait:

the unquenched hunger for more, and even more.


The perfect recipe for getting caught in the end…

Filmtitle: German masters of crime

Author: Christopher Zahlten/Kazawa Medien

Date: 21st octobre 2022

Producer: Ben Turner/Fulwell73