Hendrik Holt

Con-man, impostor, forger, narcissist

networth stolen assets

10 million€uro, final steal 100.000 million failed


Main Fraud

Sold wind-energy-projects to international companies.

Problem: the wind-energy-projects never existed!

Current State

Marries in jail. New business enterprise begins asap.

The wind stops blowing

On April 17, 2020, the handcuffs clicked in the Berlin luxury hotel Adlon: Hendrik Holt, the wind farm fraudster from Emsland, was arrested in the famous hotels most expensive suite, €8,000 per night.


Shortly thereafter, in April 2022, he, three family members (mother, brother and sister) and his business partner Heinz L. were convicted of gang and commercial fraud.

Just like Anna Sorokin, the supposed "prodigy" of the energy industry turns up to court in expensive designer outfits and poses for the cameras, loving the limelight rather than showing remorse.

Hendrik Holt's short entrepreneurial story full of flamboyance, greed and deceit is made for film. 





Holt, a youngster from Emsland, fools international wind energy companies. He cheats the Czech state-owned company CEZ, the Italian energy company Enel and the Scottish utility SSE out of around 10 million euros. On his “business trips”, the young entrepreneur, barely 30 years old, has himself chauffeured in a Bentley from the family’s luxury fleet in Lower Saxony, and stayed in Berlin at the first house on the square, the “Adlon”.

His "gang" forges thousands of documents on the realization of wind farms throughout Germany and Andorra, thereby cheating three foreign energy companies as investors out of around 10 million euros.

Blinded by greed for profit, the corporations let themselves be deceived and, despite the examination by well-known law firms and the close-meshed "due diligence" procedure, did not notice that these wind farms did not exist!

The true-crime story about the public-loving Hendrik Holt is about expensive Bentleys, diplomatic passports bought from Zimbabwe, thousands of forged documents, a spectacular appearance at the Munich Security Conference and a planned escape to Lebanon - his last coup to gather another 100 million euros failed last minute because of a dogged public prosecutor who secretly set a trap...

The involved family members/the "gang" blame each other and do not speak to on another anymore...


Hendrik Holt just got married in jail. He intends to officialy achieve his faked "dr." title during jail time. Smart as he is, he is applying to get a transfer to a Berlin jail in order to be released early, as Berlin jails are the fullest in Germany and economy-criminals get out earlier. He already set up a new company and there are still millions missing on hidden bank accounts all over the world…