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Magic plants take you to the other side

- to save your soul

Science, spirituality & therapy

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Eyeopening & fascinating true stories of a hidden, but worldwide phenomen: Scientists, Therapists and shamans use called "Masterplants", the strongest psychoactive chemicals known on earth, to heal depression, addiction and many other 

Their unbelievable stories prove that “sometimes truth is better than fiction...

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International renowned scientists, Soulseekers, celebreties, big pharma alike: all of them are looking to unlock the secrets of the most powerful consciousness opening substances.

If they manage to break through to the other side a door to a unexplored part of our universe will change countless lives and reveal fascinating mysteries of planet earth.


How to change your mind/ The jungle prescription 


Each country has its very specific and individual criminal masterminds. The germans for example are known for meticulous and strategic planning far in advance.

One particular feature though is an international trait:

the unquenched hunger for more, and even more.


The perfect recipe for getting caught in the end…

Filmtitle: German masters of crime

Author: Christopher Zahlten/Kazawa Medien

Date: 21st octobre 2022

Producer: Ben Turner/Fulwell73