Florian Homm

Investment-shark, forger, narcissist

networth /  stolen assets

3 billion €uros / stole over 200.000 million €uros


Main crimes

conspiracy and fraud

Current State

newborn christian. Channels on Facebook/Youtube/Instagram to help the simple man invest and become wealthy as hell.

Writes bestsellers about his crazy life.


As if intoxicated, Florian Homm plowed through his life with brutal efficiency. Gordon Gekko is his role model.

Equally brilliant and charismatic, he begins his meteoric rise in the toughest business in the world, the international financial markets. In the course of his career he makes money from the bankruptcy of the Bremer Vulkan shipyard, rehabilitates the Borussia Dortmund football club and is gunned down in Venezuela.

His hedge fund, supposedly worth 3 billion US$, completely collapses in 2007, and investors lost over $200 million.

Florian Homm, on the "most wanted list " of the FBI,  goes into hiding for years and manages a spectacular escape from US authorities such as the FBI and DEA. But they are not the only ones hunting for him...

Florian Homm today lives in Germany and, despite arrest warrants from the FBI and Switzerland, will not be extradited.

"His movie-like life offers everything: he is a scion of financial aristocracy, a basketball star, a playboy, a drug, sex and wealth junkie. He was the quintessential grasshopper, the bankster, more gangster than banker. He was an asshole, an amoral wreck. Compared to Florian Homm, the famous billionaire gamblers of recent years - Nick Leeson, Jerome Kerviel, Kweku Adoboli - are poor orphans." (quote german newspaper)







Homm works at Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, Tweedy, Browne, Bank Julius Bär, among others, as an analyst, nostro trader and fund manager before becoming a billionaire as a financial entrepreneur and hedge fund manager. He knows the game and makes it work for him.

After his massive career and international media attention the infamous Harvard graduate Florian Homm resigns in 2007 from his company "Absolute Capital Management Holdings" on Cayman Islands and goes on the run with over 150 million €uros.

Homm's various companies engaged in secretly coordinated bogus trades of penny stocks to drive up the stocks' prices.

Investors of all sorts lost their money. A famous private detective puts out a bounty of 1.5 million €uros, via Youtube, on Florian Homm, who gets shot at in by his hunters Venzuela and just by chance survives further murder attempts on his life. 

Homm enters Panama with a false passport, Since then he never stays in one place for long, traveling under various identities through South America, Africa and Europe. While on the run Florian Homm meets his wife and children in secret at different locations in the world. He even appears in talkshows while on the run! After 5 years on the run Homm gets caught in a Museum in Italy and is sent to prison. His remand takes so long, that he manages to escape extradition to the US.

He claims that he had to kill in prison in order to survive.

Re-discovering his catholic faith, Homm claims to have lost interest in gaining money 

Today Homm earns his money with his own market letter and columns on various news portals. On YouTube, he speaks to 220,000 subscribers in videos on current financial and stock market topics. His Autobiography was on the numerous bestsellerlists, the new york times and financial times write feautures on him. 

Switzerland and the US are still hoping for his extradition, willing to sentence him for many years in prison.

Re-discovering his catholic faith, Homm claims to have lost interest in gaining money, recently publishing his new bestseller in April 2022 "The principles of wealth".  

"I was one of two out of several hundred who were not extradited to the United States. I survived an assassination attempt with a .38 bullet you could take down a bear with and a global bounty hunt.

You just have to stop messing around with calculation models and accept that you are a worm and that there is something that is much bigger than you.

I believe that you can move things through faith." 

Florian Homm